Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jumping elsewhere from your Dashboard

Have you ever been in your dashboard and needed to get information from another website? Were you aware that you can add external links into you dashboard? You can add links to other websites and even save your log in credentials to the other sites in your GFI MAX Dashboard.  The External Links button gives you quick access to all of the websites you  have created links to. 

To Access "Configure External Links" Go to Settings-> Configure External Links


Here is more information directly from our help file:

To add a link to another external application or web-site, select New and then complete all of the following information.
Name - the name of the link as it will appear in the Dashboard.
URL - the full address of the web-site or application that is the target of the link.
Force HTTPS - will, if ticked, update the URL to ensure that the link is opened using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection
Method - the way in which parameters are passed to the external application or web-site.
POST will send parameters and their values in the request and as such they are hidden from the user.
GET will add the parameters and their values to the query string and as such they are visible in the address bar of the browser.
Parameters – is used to pass information such as usernames, passwords and actions to the external web-site or application. Simply enter the Name and Value of the parameter for it to be passed to the external application or web-site using the method selected.
Please note that if the parameter name contains pass, passwd or password, the value entered will not be visible once the link has been saved.
Once the required information has been entered, click Save.
GFI MAX Mail Protection and Monitis are already in your dashboard so you can use these links immediately. This can be used as a first step into Remote Management and Mail Protection integration. More integration is coming soon. 
Also, make sure you use this feature to add a little website called www.allthingsmax.com. I hear that the articles posted here are quite informative.


  1. can we get alert information to our own webpage

    i have passed alert variables(parameters) such as #CLIENT# FOR Client and #DEVICE# for workstation and i have written php code as like below

    and when redirecting using External Links then instead of getting my client name and workstation i am getting #CLIENT# and #DEVICE# respectively...
    this is my problem...
    so please help me to find out how to get client name and workstation and help me in the sense how to use "Configure External Links" and Alert variables in order to get alert information to my own url

    i am using url as given below


    in sample.php i have written code that i told above....

    Please help me... Thank you...

    1. You can do what you're asking; however the External Links isn't the mechanism to do it. Think of External Links as a 'company-wide Favorites/Bookmarks list.

      What you'd want to look into is the API setup in the Help File to pull/send that information out of the dashboard.