Friday, June 22, 2012

Performance REPORTING

Well, we here at like to think that we came up with some rather clever ways to calm some of the spurtive alerts that originate from servers in your dashboard.  Well, the Development team did us one better! 

In leiu of the techniques previously written about here 

With the release of Dashboard v5.24 & Agent v8.13*, Performance Monitoring  has been augmented to allow for reporting only mode.  To enable this setting, use the Alert Settings either at the Server-level (Edit Server), or the Dashboard-level (Settings -> Alert Settings - Server Monitoring tab).
The Alert Settings Dialogue from the Settings Menu
So, to follow the Reducing Alerts ... article process, you can now turn your Dashboard Settings to "Report Only" so that no new server will send you an abundance of emails when you bring them on.

As you analyze the server for its performance "norm" you can then Edit the Server directly and/or its thresholds to alert as described previously.

* For more information about what's available in Dashboard v5.24 & Agent v8.13, go to the GFIMAX Status Pages. (FOLLOW them there!)


  1. I am so happy that you are actually attempting to address this issue, that I hesitate to state how much this doesn't address the issue most of us face.

    The issue we have is simple: Servers have different profiles of acceptable behavior at different times of the day.

    Again, thank you for your effort and work toward helping us little guys make a big difference.

    -Shield Edge Technologies

    1. Thank you for the comments. We realize this isn't the "whole solution" to the issue, but it's (one of) the first steps in the right direction. MAX continually grows and evolves; every day we learn and move somewhere new!