Thursday, January 24, 2013

Managed Antivirus Only Deployments - Setup

Managed Antivirus (or MAV) can be deployed through GFI MAX to clients that want only antivirus.  By following the information below you can use just the antivirus for your clients and be charged only for antivirus.
 ATTENTION!  If the system is not set correctly beforehand additional charges may apply.  Read our article "Naked" MAV Setup regarding what NOT to turn on so you are not charged anything additional.  Once the system is set correctly, simply follow the steps below to create a MAV only deployment.

MAV Only Steps:

1.       Create template with zero checks
b.      Select ADD
c.       Add a server template and a workstation template with a naming convention of your choice (i.e. MAV Only, Only MAV, etc.)
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d.      Do not change the 24x7 frequency as this will incur additional charges
e.      Do not add any checks at all
f.        Close and save the Template
2.       Create Client/Site
a.       Under FILE : NEW CLIENT
b.      Add a site for the client under FILE : NEW SITE (i.e home office, locations, etc.)
3.       Edit Client/Site for new template
a.       Highlight the new SITE for MAV only and select EDIT : EDIT SITE
b.      From the GENERAL SETTINGS TAB change the “Default Workstation Monitoring Installation Template” and the “Default Server Monitoring Installation Template” to the newly created MAV only template
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4.       Turn on MAV for Client/Site
b.      Expand the tree to your client and site (workstations and servers) that will accept MAV only and turn the setting to “On”.
c.       Be sure to review your Protection Policies that you are applying
5.       Deploy Agent
a.       Under the AGENT menu deploy the monitoring agent as you deem necessary (i.e. Download Agent, Download Site Installation Package)
6.       Check status of deployment on Summary Tab
a.       Once the agent checks into your dashboard there is a tab called SUMMARY tab in the lower right quadrant of the dashboard.  Here you will see a summary if the machine needs a reboot, another antivirus was detected preventing MAV from deployment and so on.
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7.       Adjust deployment as needed (reboot, remove antivirus, another reboot, etc.)
a.       From the information on the summary tab adjust the deployment as needed