Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Creating a Remote Support Queue

     Do you currently have Customers that you assist which are not subscribed to your Managed Services offering?  Perhaps the Customer was holding out for a few more months before moving into your model, but needs help now.

Go ahead and direct them to your Remote Support Queue.  Give them a taste of what they could be experiencing by having you as their full-time IT provider.

You will need to first create a Remote Support Queue in your Remote Management Dashboard so that the device(s) can adopt the Take Control delivery (which uses Teamviewer technology).  This is what it may look like:

Next, configure all Features (except Take Control) to be turned off for this Client & Site structure.  Please note that monitoring is also considered to be a Feature.  To have no monitoring you may create an empty monitoring template and map it to the site under Default Monitoring Templates.

After performing the above, generate a Remote Worker Install which reports to the Take Control Only Site structure:

Place the Remote Worker executable on your website so that you may direct your Customer to it:

When the Customer clicks the link and runs the silent executable the device will appear in the Remote Management Dashboard... ready for your remote Support:

Once you remediate the issue, remember to have that discussion about your Managed Services offering!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for the comment: always remember that SECURITY MUST BE ACCOUNTED for.

      You can take care of that yourself in a variety of ways:
      1) Password protect the downloaded Remote Worker file.
      2) Place the "Quick Support" link on an un-published web page. (Give out the address while TALKING TO a customer who is in need of support.)
      3) Use a secure sending method (like to transfer the Remote Worker file to the appropriate customer.
      ... or another method of your choice.

      Thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention! Appreciate it!

    2. Another option presented & I thought worth sharing:

      You could install the agent into an asset-tracking-only site and then the tech working with the Customer can move it to other site in dashboard, giving a de-facto opt-in for a billable agent/customer

      You could also delete the site the installer is attached to at the first sign of fowl play, effectively orphaning the installer. *This might be good to do periodically just on principle.

  2. The original post by Anonymous on 12 March was removed because it mentioned prices - which we don't publicly publish. This is the redacted content:

    And what happens when your competitor writes a script to deploy your agent to 10.0000 vms. every day?
    That's right, next month's bill from Max focus will soar to 10.000 x $XXX = you're soon out of business because you didn't have control over how and what can be added. Great post, but maybe you can share an insight on how to make this airtight?

  3. Hi, quick question, we are wondering if this would cost us?

    1. It's a standard deployment of an agent. So standard pricing rules would apply, yes.