Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Creating a Remote Support Queue

     Do you currently have Customers that you assist which are not subscribed to your Managed Services offering?  Perhaps the Customer was holding out for a few more months before moving into your model, but needs help now.

Go ahead and direct them to your Remote Support Queue.  Give them a taste of what they could be experiencing by having you as their full-time IT provider.

You will need to first create a Remote Support Queue in your Remote Management Dashboard so that the device(s) can adopt the Take Control delivery (which uses Teamviewer technology).  This is what it may look like:

Next, configure all Features (except Take Control) to be turned off for this Client & Site structure.  Please note that monitoring is also considered to be a Feature.  To have no monitoring you may create an empty monitoring template and map it to the site under Default Monitoring Templates.

After performing the above, generate a Remote Worker Install which reports to the Take Control Only Site structure:

Place the Remote Worker executable on your website so that you may direct your Customer to it:

When the Customer clicks the link and runs the silent executable the device will appear in the Remote Management Dashboard... ready for your remote Support:

Once you remediate the issue, remember to have that discussion about your Managed Services offering!