Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Tip: The Phantom Menu Item

Sometimes, on a dark, stormy night when an angry moon hangs low, you may see a menu item that is grayed out so it cannot be pressed - or a menu item you know you've seen before has simply vanished like it was never even there. That is because the interface is haunte...

...One second - Legal is on the phone.

As I was saying, the interface is 100% not haunted (where did you get that idea?), and the phantom menu items are most likely due to one of the following 2 causes:
  1. The feature in question requires a newer agent than you currently have installed. Once you update the agent, the item should no longer be grayed out
  2. You are somehow logged in as a lower-clearance user than you are accustomed to. Once you log in with your regular account, everything should be as you remember it.