Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Tip: The Phantom Menu Item

Sometimes, on a dark, stormy night when an angry moon hangs low, you may see a menu item that is grayed out so it cannot be pressed - or a menu item you know you've seen before has simply vanished like it was never even there. That is because the interface is haunte...

...One second - Legal is on the phone.

As I was saying, the interface is 100% not haunted (where did you get that idea?), and the phantom menu items are most likely due to one of the following 2 causes:
  1. The feature in question requires a newer agent than you currently have installed. Once you update the agent, the item should no longer be grayed out
  2. You are somehow logged in as a lower-clearance user than you are accustomed to. Once you log in with your regular account, everything should be as you remember it.


  1. I have to say that there is something going on here. I just logged in and out using different accounts for about 10 minutes looking for the Take Control Settings menu item. Some servers would not light up the Take Control button even though they were ready.
    My theory is that there must be an issue with using Firefox logged in for days at a time. There must be some cache issue. Even after you log out it and log back in with an admin account you don't get the full menus.
    I logged in using Chrome and I had my admin menus again. I jumped back in with Firefox and it was back to normal. Odd behavior but now I know how to fix it.

  2. Ctrl+Shift+R? (Reloads the page and clears the cache.) Not quite following what you're describing here, but you may be right about cache & this will take care of it without having to jump through many hoops.
    If this DOESN'T, either I've misunderstood what you're describing, or it's user-group related. :-/