Monday, April 21, 2014

Going, Going, Gone.

     One of my Managed Care Customers contacted me Today and requested that I install Adobe Reader to all of their Machines.  Although my schedule is pretty packed, I told them that I can handle this within the next day or two.  I now realize the network is unstructured and there is no Domain Controller to utilize for Group Policy Deployment.  I need to figure something out, and fast...

     Before I recreate the wheel, let me check out the FixITScripts site and see if there is something that can help with deployments.

This should do it: "Deploy Applications"

This Script requires 3 Command Line Variables when utilized:

1) File URL, including the name of the .zip file which contains my silent installer(s)
2) Target Directory to use on the remote machine (this is where the .zip file's contents are extracted to)
3) File Name of the intended silent installer package

Even better, it looks like this script will accept optional command line variables.  I'll need to give the '/sALL' switch for the Adobe Reader to silently install.

Next, I go to Adobe's website and download the .exe installer package (  After downloading the installer, I will Zip it up and use a Public folder that I have in from my Dropbox account to get it started.

Now that I've got that part set up and I've uploaded the script to my dashboard as an automated task, I run the Automated Tasks Wizard and set it with appropriate command line variables.

For this example, my variables will look something like this:
"" "C:\SilentAdobe11" "Win7AdbeRdr11.exe" /sAll  (quotes needed, as displayed)

Tomorrow I will check the Software tab within the GFI MAX Remote Management Dashboard to see if the application installed.

Now, on to my next task!