Monday, February 16, 2015

Communication is Key

     I am sure that you have heard the phrase: "Communication is the Key to Success", but let's leave the "Call Me" to Blondie because this is not the 80's.  Instead of picking up the phone, take advantage of the tool set available through Windows and send a System Message.  Here's how MAX Remote Management can help:

Option 1: Send a Message Now

The video excerpt below demonstrates how to use Remote Background Management within the MAX Remote Management Dashboard to quickly send a customized System Message:


In this video, Command Line instructions used:
1) "msg * TEST MESSAGE"
2) "msg /v /w * TEST MESSAGE"

For more on the 'Msg' utility, check out Microsoft's Technet Library:

Option 2: Send a Message Later

Create an Automated Task within MAX Remote Management's Dashboard and assign the 'User Notification' script found at the FixITScripts site. (