Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Move it on ... over.

Following on the previous post: Move it on up!

The second phase of template improvements has been implemented.  So this replaces part of the previous article while making the job easier.

With the previous process, we had to clear out all the checks manually from any device we wanted to upgrade.  Many clients are "sold" an Asset Tracking only set up which can be deployed without charge in the MAX environment.  This process has been improved.  I can still "Upgrade from Asset Tracking" - which is an  addition of checks onto an existing agent, but now I can also apply any existing monitoring template to a device that has checks already configured.  This is currently a replacement of checks on an existing agent.

Monitoring Templates can be applied to multiple devices at one time.

This completely erases the T3 Two Step used in the previous article.  Ingenuity replaced by technology.  Ain't it always the way?