Monday, April 27, 2015

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

     Bigger, Faster, Stronger - It's the American Way, right?

Here's a way to modify your 24x7 and/or Daily Safety Checks (DSC) for multiple MAX Agents:

      Although a little bit of an "Easter Egg", there is now a quicker way to modify your 24x7 check-in frequencies.  Additionally, with this method you can mass edit the run time of your DSC checks.

First requirement for this process:
Agent v9.8.9 must be utilized for the target device(s) intended for edit.

Next, Configure a Monitoring Template which has your intended check-in modifiers:

Select the target v9.8.9 MAX Agents, right click, choose "Monitoring Templates", click "Apply Monitoring Template":

Choose the Append option and Apply (example below):

After confirming that your target devices are appropriate, choose Run.

Give your Dashboard credentials and click "OK" for final acceptance:

You're done!  You have now updated, in mass, your check-in variables.

If you wish to confirm your changes: 
After a moment (you may need to refresh your MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard after allowing a minute for updates) you will find that your check-in frequencies have been updated as specified by using method(s) below:
-Right click a targeted device > choose edit > Review OR
-Review your 'Device Inventory Report' for devices