Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Smart money is on the little guy!

Written by David Ianetta

Who has not heard of Bruce Lee? His name is synonymous with being a man you would not want to mess with.

There are Chuck Norris jokes, but why aren’t there any Bruce Lee jokes?

Bruce Lee and  Kareem Abdul Jabbar - "Enter the Dragon"

Because Bruce Lee is no joke!

If you are just starting out as an MSP, you might feel a bit intimidated by all the bigger companies that are out there. You might feel like you don’t have the same resources, so you cannot get the same results. 

But just as with martial arts, the right RMM solution can give you the tools to compete with others that may be better staffed than you. Tools to excel beyond what you first thought capable. 

But you must learn to think creatively when using them.

Bruce Lee had a philosophy, “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.”

That was one of the keys to his success. He died over 40 years ago, yet in spite of being 5 ft 7 inches he still commands the respect of professional MMA fighters to Chuck Norris. People still know who he is and still talk about him.

The key is to be creative, not focusing on what you cannot do, but what you can.

For example, when it comes to patch management the larger companies have the resources to create a virtual environment to test patches in. Best practice, as we all know, is SCAN, TEST, and then DEPLOY.

There is no way to fully know how a new patch will affect a machine until you actually install it. So often you cross your fingers and approve the patches, Maybe you'll get that call on Monday with everything broken, hopefully you won't.

Sound familiar?

So how do you make this work? How do you think creatively with customers who simply cannot afford a test environment?

If you look at the only solution as having a virtual test environment you will miss other solutions that may be just as helpful.

For example, how about creating a small group of computers for every customer that will get their patches first? 

This could be a small sampling of computers with different types of software on them. These computers install the patches, on let’s say, Thursday evening. Then the rest of the company gets the patches Saturday night.

The benefit of this kind of setup becomes obvious. If you deploy a patch, and it’s has a negative impact, now instead of affecting 100 Machines, it affected 10. Instead of affecting ten it affected two.

I worked with an MSP once who was so busy he didn’t have time to bill his customers. Can you imagine that? Customers asking for a bill, and he didn’t have time to get the money he was working for!

Get creative, begin to work smarter not harder. That’s an old saying but it still rings true.

Just as you may not have thought about how you can create a patch test environment within your RMM Dashboard, there are endless other possibilities out there if you would take the time to find them. 

Take that time. Even if you simply schedule an hour with one of us for a Tech Walk, you will find that hour well spent. We may offer your ideas to take your business to the next level.

Ok, can't resist. So I will leave you with one more Bruce Lee quote.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

Hope to hear from you soon!