Friday, March 31, 2017

Taking Control.. of Take Control

By: Ernest Byrd 

     Did you know that you can control which Technicians have access to which Systems?  Better yet, did you know that you can grant your Customers access to their Systems using Take Control?

With the delivery of Role Based Access (Roles & Permissions), you have authority to grant visibility and access within your MSP RMM console.

1) Begin with creating a User Account.  This should be a valid email address for the User logging into the System.

2) Review Roles and Permissions to determine the proper level of Authority within the MSP RMM Dashboard.  Either use a suggested Role Type, or create your own - it is recommended for Customer access that you begin with the Client Role Type, then edit accordingly.

3) Create a Client Group for the intended visibility.  More specifically, when giving access to a Customer there should be a Client Group built for just that Customer's Client structure.

4) Navigate back to "User Accounts", then map the appropriate Role type and Client Group to the User.

If this is a first time Client Account, it may be a good idea to login with the account to determine if visibility matches intention before using this as a base Role type for other Customer accounts.

It is really this easy.  What is even better, you can charge your Customers additional for this feature.  Remember, remote tools cost.  Even if you go back to the old days of Routing and Remote Access, you have overhead in the hardware for remote connection plus service time for setting up the NAT routes.  At least with Take Control, you don't have to worry about those rogue connections coming into port 3389.

One other recommendation that I will make with this information set is to use the 'MSP Anywhere' engine for remote control.  Reason being is that the Take Control Viewer and Host can coexist more naturally, making this a very streamlined process.

If you need to show some value behind this offering to your Customers, remember to use the 'Take Control Report'.  You can show how often this tool is being used with this report, and use it as a reminder as to why you are charging for this additional benefit.

Stay thirsty, my friends.