Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The mileage work around with the Service Desk Mobile App!!

The key to getting the most out of  MSP RMM Service Desk is being able to accomplish as many tasks as possible while on the go. This includes working site visits, opening support tickets for your clients, entering time, and tracking mileage. Currently, you can track the amount to be billed for mileage but you are unable to track it at xxx per mile/kilometer in a detailed format.

 The following steps enable you to account for the distance traveled and at what rate in the staff agent management portal:

 1)    Go to Settings -> Inventory (See Below)

2)    Next, create a “New Product”

 3)    Fill out the information similar to below to add a mileage calculation “Inventory Item”

 4)    Using the Mobile App, start calculating mileage

 5)    Once complete, change your “Cost” to the same as the quantity amount of miles/kilometers and then change your quantity to 1 and hit save (In the example, 40 was the total mileage driven)

6) Select "Save"

7)    Select the plus mark in the bottom right hand corner and “Add inventory item”

8)    Select the Inventory item by tapping on Inventory item

9)    “Select the Mileage Calculation @ .55 per mile/ kilometer “

10)    Type in the cost from the previous entry in the Quantity field (miles/kilometer = Quantity)

11)    “Save” – Now your mileage can be calculated, tracked, reported, and displays as an inventory item in the Web app